November 16, 2014

A Word from CEO, Tony Pipicella.

It is not often that I get excited these days. But there are a couple of things that do excite me, having a game of golf with good mates and landing a 40cm King George Whiting.

Now I have got another one. I am excited to announce we have taken back control of The Bottega Restaurant at Uleybury Wines.

I would like to express my excitement by telling you we have got a young pizzaiolo, Dario, just landed from Italy. Pizzaiolo means pizza maker and he has brought authentic Italian pizza making skills and the Italian flour with him. In the kitchen we have Lidia, she is the lady who makes all the sugo, Italian sauces, with finesse. Our head chef Francesco is carefully overseeing and creating the dishes which feature on the brand new menu.

The menu includes delicious authentic Italian pizzas and pastas and main dishes are casalinga or home-style dishes. All the popular dishes and events that I was doing prior to the last 18 months are all coming back. Such as the seasonal pork feast, the Seafood and Semillon event which paired grilled crayfish with our award winning Semillon, the Lepre and Papadelle, which is hare with pasta accompanied by our Petit Verdot and more!

Uleybury already produces Agnelo, young lamb, and grass fed Charolais beef, which will now be served in the restaurant. We are excited that we will soon be growing our own vegetables!

While I am in the Christmas spirit I would like to offer all those people who come and dine at the Bottega during the month of December a complimentary glass of our Sparkling Chardonnay. And if I am around I will have one or two with you.

Kind regards
Tony Pipicella



4 thoughts on “A Word from CEO, Tony Pipicella.

  1. Rebecca

    Wounderful news!!! We look forward to returning & enjoying all the fantastic things your beautiful Winery is known for!

  2. Bee Measham

    Well we were there for dinner last Saturday night……Fantastic food. Pizza won the heart of my brother-inlaw. We are going back tomorrow to try the pizza ourselves.

  3. Mary Falciani

    Myself and sister and two cousins came in for lunch on Saturday had a very nice experience with I believe Tony very funny fellow
    we enjoyed ourselves so much we have planned to come back soon
    friendly and welcoming as well as cheeky !
    Hopefully you will have Bailey’s and home made gnocchi and remember to serve more that just one of us next time LOL just joking
    I have and will be recommending you guys.
    But it found you hard to find as it wasn’t under the restaurant name

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